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The business is owned and operated in Brisbane by father and son, Terry and Justin Bowden, who share a passion for Queenslander homes.

Terry has been renovating older style homes for some 30 years, and Justin followed in the family tradition by serving his apprenticeship firstly as a carpenter with his father, then for an opposition builder who also specialises in renovations. This gave Justin a strong background in the renovation business, because there are not many problems (and the renovation business is full of them) that he has not encountered and has a solution for!

Carpentry team

Terry and Justin have strong selection criteria for their tradesmen. They must have a feel for the older Queenslander homes, have a proven track record in the renovation industry, be good problem solvers, and be permanent employees and not subbies that are looking for the next job in Brisbane with another builder.

Good renovation work at times is slow and meticulous and it is this attention to detail that makes or breaks a renovation.

Tiler Tud

Tiler Tud comes from a family of tilers whose background is Eastern European. Finish and job satisfaction are of paramount importance. As Tud says, 'Get this part of the job right and the rewards come'. Even in this economic climate, T&J Bowden Constructions has to book Tud at least 6 weeks in advance, such is the demand for his services.

Design and drafting

This is the first important step. T&J Bowden Constructions can recommend draftsmen, designers and architects who specialize in renovation plans for Colonial,Post War and Queenslander homes.

As well, with some 30 years’ experience in the renovation business, there is probably not a design or problem T&J Bowden Constructions has not encountered and been able to assist in finding a solution for.

Electrician Shane

Shane from SF Electrical is our preferred Electrician for T&J Bowden Constructions. People ask why are T&J Bowden Constructions loyal to our contractors and the simple answer is, really, they are loyal in return.

Tried getting an electrician 24/7? 

T&J Bowden Constructions can, confident in the knowledge that a competent tradesperson will be completing the job.
t and j bowden constructions renovation team

Staircases Gerard

Gerard has been in the staircase industry for nearly 20 years. During that time, he has seen many changes in the industry especially in Australian Standards.

T&J Bowden Constructions is confident in the knowledge that what Gerard advises will work, whether it be stairs for an attic, whether there is sufficient height between the nosing and underside of the landing, if the correct material is being used to compliment the timber floors, if certain species or if particular treads preferred by clients are no longer available.

Before the start of any renovation that requires a staircase, T&J Bowden Constructions seek Gerard's knowledge on what balustrading will work best - glass, stainless wire or timber.

Termite Control with Sherry's

Sherry's are the elder statesmen of this important industry.

If their attention to detail is replicated by all people in this industry, the termite damage would be minimised. Prior to the commencement of each renovation, Sherry's does the design for termite control.

Nothing is left to chance. Sherry's can read a set of plans and find potential problem areas so that these can be dealt with during the renovation process. T&J Bowden Constructions and their clients sleep better at night in the knowledge that Sherry's have done the proper job.

Kitchens Craig

Kitchens Craig has been producing kitchens for T&J Bowden Constructions for many years. Why? Craig's is a family business that does its own cabinetmaking, not just take an order and subbie it out. When you deal with Craig, he is the one that sits at your kitchen table and listens to what you want.

His design is done over several visits to make sure that he and you, the owner, are both working off the same page. Unfortunately, today with kitchens in many cases you are dealing with a company representative or showroom floor salesperson. No one cares for a business like the business owner.

Suppliers of Fixtures and Fittings

Tiles, bathroom and kitchen tap wear, electrical appliances, lighting...T&J Bowden Constructions have a range of reputable suppliers of good quality, cost-effective products. As an added bonus for clients of T&J Bowden Constructions, the often very generous trade discounts offered by these suppliers are passed on to the owners. Furthermore, plans are passed on to these suppliers so that when you, the owner, arrive for your appointment, the representative already has a pen picture of your needs and will be happy to provide up to the minute, relevant advice, as required. As builders we take our job seriously. We can organise:

  • Design and drafting
  • Colour consulting
  • Interior design
  • Plan certifiers
  • Engineering
  • Energy efficiency

Does it cost more to use T&J Bowden Constructions?

NO. It is actually less expensive to use all our services than to go elsewhere in Brisbane. Clients can save $1000's by involving us from the very beginning of the dream.

T&J Bowden Constructions’ team of associated professionals and subcontractors have been working together harmoniously for many years. All are fully licenced and insured and conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner, all important considerations when they may be at your home for weeks or possibly months.

Furthermore, T&J Bowden Constructions recommended suppliers are knowledgeable, professional and offer great buying with their generous discounts!

Call us on 0418 784 246 today to book a consultation with our expert renovators.

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