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The scope of house renovation that T & J Bowden Constructions undertakes is very diverse. We specialise in excavating under or raising and restumping houses, building-in underneath and renovating and extending existing homes. In fact, over our many years working on Queenslander homes, we have successfully completed just about every conceivable type of renovation. Contact us in Brisbane today.

Quality guarantee

The Bowden Family have been building the dream of a quality, inner-city Brisbane lifestyle through their house renovation services for some twenty five years. They take the project start and finish dates seriously and continually communicate with their clients regarding progress, owner satisfaction and better building solutions, to ensure work is completed on time and on budget. Most importantly, because of their longevity in the industry, T & J Bowden Constructions can guarantee they will comply with any Statutory obligations post completion.

Cost-effective professionalism

T & J Bowden Constructions has a genuine commitment to faithfully restoring older style Brisbane homes - unlike many builders to whom your renovation is “just another job”. Your house renovation may take anywhere between 2 weeks and 12 months to complete, so it is important that you have confidence in the people you have inside your home for this period. T & J Bowden Constructions prides itself on the quality of their carefully screened, long-term workforce. They recognise that renovations can be stressful and take many steps to minimise this, as their testimonials demonstrate.

Furthermore, in an industry where builders come and go, T & J Bowden Constructions’ many years in the industry confirm that they have the level of grunt and capital required to guarantee your job will be completed.

This level of professionalism will not cost you any more! T & J Bowden Constructions’ competitive Fixed Price Contracts guarantee that the quoted price will not change during the renovation, provided that the original scope of work agreed upon by you does not change.

We offer you a range of solid solutions

Three is a crowd but not in the home renovation industry! Choose the right three – the architect, the engineer and the builder – who can work together as a team and you are well on the way to an outstanding, stress-free renovation.

With T&J Bowden Constructions and their associated professionals, you can be assured of the best team in Brisbane!

Choosing your builder

Choose your builder as early as possible so that, together with your builder, you can co-ordinate the team. Make sure your builder is fully licenced and registered with the Queensland Building & Construction Commission (QBCC). It is important that you can place your trust in a builder who can deliver your home renovation or building project on time and within budget.

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It is important to fully compare all quotes based on your objectives, the materials to be used and the scope of work to be done.

Don't choose your builder based on price alone.

Ask for some testimonials or information on completed work similar to your project.

Recommendations can be a powerful indicator of a successful project, so ask a builder for names and addresses of satisfied clients.

Free booklet

Take some time to request one of our free booklets that will give you a greater level of detail.

Our booklet is designed to help you work through the process of choosing a reliable and reputable builder.

There are some important considerations when making your decision.

If you’re considering a home renovation in Brisbane, make sure you choose the best team to put your plan into action.

Find out more about our renovations services by calling 0418 784 246 today.

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